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  • 10/20/20 - I'm finally returning my attention to this website after a decade away! It wasn't even really up during that time, except it kind of was!  It's embarrassing now, though, so I've taken some things down and I'm planning to update it quite a bit in the months to come.
  • 8/17/09 - Excerpt added to What Is Best? section! More to come!
  • 8/2/09 - I added links to my friend Tambu below.
  • 7/27/09 - My book, What Is Best?, is for sale!! I put up a page about it!
  • 7/23/09 - Games section revised.
  • 7/22/09 - Main page revised.
  • 7/21/09 - I've registered the domain thorintatge.com and moved the website! What a perfect excuse to update at long, long last. I've started by updating the links listed below.
  • 6/11/09 - It's been over two and a half years since I updated this! How ridiculous is that?
  • 11/25/06 - I'm a two-time NaNoWriMo winner! [Edit: four-time!] Icon added to the bottom of the page.
  • 1/22/06 - Mandala section added. Only two for now.
  • 10/27/05 - "Everyone Loves Magical Trevor" pictostory added!


Places to go,
people to meet:

The website for my house!

My mother's website devoted to her extended family.

Some friends of mine...

CharlieVermin: Weird Gamewright
A good friend of mine whose games, mostly created with RPG Creator 2003, I find fascinating. Political, clever, funny, and so far outside the box you may forget why there was ever a box in the first place.

Laramie Sasseville: Dreamspell
A friend whose site includes beautiful fantasy-themed art in various media as well as filk songs, unique vanity bookmarks, and the Discordian Coloring Book. She's also available for hire as a graphic designer.

John Goodenough: Fantasy Illustrator
This goodhearted gaming buddy of mine has done fine illustrations for many collectible card games and other projects, mostly for Fantasy Flight Games. He's also involved in game design and playtesting.

Foxfeather Zenkova: Multitalented Artist
I met Fox through her husband, Roman. She's a master of many crafts and a dabbler at many more--overall a rather amazing person. The two of them are consummate animal lovers--their house is full of fascinating pets. Check out her Artist's Statement.

Rich Brown: Some So-Called Music
Rich Brown is a space exploration enthusiast and a filk music devotee. This page features, among other things, the lyrics to his witty and well-structured parody songs about science, science fiction, horror, and social issues.

Click on the ship to check out Laramie's CafePress shop! Buy journals, clothing, greeting cards and more featuring her fascinating and beautiful art!


Hey! Check out the interactive novel I wrote: What Is Best? I'm selling it on CreateSpace! What Is

Is it Storytime? If so, this offball collection of fiction may hit the spot!

On the other hand, sometimes it's poetry that best amuses both hemispheres of our brains.

Perhaps it's speedily written, creative short plays that intrigue you! Check out my scripts for Carleton College's former cold-reading theater group, Chelsea 11:17!


First, there was Survivor.  Then, there were a whole lot more Survivors. Season five of this madness was called Survivor: Thailand, and I was there to write overanalytical weekly articles about it.

Survivor: Thailand

Are you, by any chance, a fan of the classic action/puzzle game Lode Runner? You are? Then my levels, designed for Sierra's brilliant remake of the game, will rock your world!

Are you an artiste? Then your senses will perhaps be offended by my portfolio of Crayola Marker Art!

Interested in a stranger's opinions on webcomics? Here's a list of the ones I read--with ratings, because I like numbers!


Though it be somewhat dated, the socially conscious may wish to take a look at Light Rail, Heavy Concerns: a college web project about the development of Minneapolis's Hiawatha Line.

Hiawatha Line
Games are an important part of my life. How about yours? If you're interested in checking out my various inventions and variants, this is the place to look.
If you've spent as much time MUCKing about as I have, you may relate to this homage to text-based roleplaying!!
Bashak the hyena.
Even if you have the bad habit of screwing your head on upside-down in the morning, you can still ensure some legibility through the judicious use of ambigrams. Ambigrams
The time has come!  Make your choice!!!!!
A random quoll

Fabulous Clem
A webcomic I created for half a year.  It's bad, but quite imaginative.

Clicking on me is a PG-13 act!

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Thorin at graduation

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