I AM TNT!!!  I sometimes consider myself the greatest creator of Lode Runner levels in the history of the universe, but if that were true, why would I have so much trouble finding people who want to play them?  Maybe I'm just a silly perfectionist.  In any case, welcome to my Lode Runner page; this is where you come to download my labors of love.

A set of five Easy Levels to warm you up. Easy.pzl
The first level set I made with The Legend Returns--The Gamut!  (Formerly known as The Canon.) Gamut.pzl
A great Lode Runner Odyssey based loosely on a story I once tried to write. Odyssey.pzl
The Sequence.  Each level introduces a new element.  Starts out very easy, gets extremely hard. Sequence.pzl
A level set based on the Alphabet Planets my sister and I used to play make believe about as children. Alphabet.pzl
You could see this file as a progression meant to teach the newish player new concepts... but the learning curve is rather firce!  A hollow land.

My latest compilation of purely puzzle-like levels and related Curiosities. Curiosities.pzl
A small file full of bizarre or over-the-top levels I call the Iguana.
A cycle of tricky levels, all of which feature the wrong musical theme (because it seems to fit better that way).  Screenshots to come later! Wrongmusic.pzl

Lode Runner iconLode Runner is one of the oldest action-puzzle arcade games. It was put out by Broderbund in 1983 and subsequent ported hither and yon; I played it first on an early Macintosh version.  You're a treasure hunter who climbs ladders, swings on bars, and notably digs holes for bad guys to fall in; the holes give the game its soul because they can also be used to carve your way through structures in complex ways. The game is confined to a rigid two-dimensional grid, making it ideal for easy user editing, which means it was the first game I ever played with a level editor, and you can believe I took full advantage!

In the 90s, Sierra put out awesome updated and enhanced versions - Lode Runner: The Legend Returns and Lode Runner Online: Mad Monks' Revenge. These added a wide variety of new amazing elements that multiplied the gameplay possibilities by a sheer plethora. But these were for operating systems that have long since ceased to be supported. In recent years, some intrepid heroes from Australia have recreated the game in an open source version, making it freely available again. (Check out their Discord server here!) What a joy it was to revisit what I loved so much in my chilhood and well into my twenties! You can find instructions for installing the game and its excellent music and installing user levels at QuarkRobot's website. These .pzl files will work with either the old or new versions of the game.

My levels are on the puzzly side and on the artsy side.  Also, some of them (but not all) are very difficult.  If that appeals to you, and if you like Lode Runner (or think you might), please be my kindred spirit.  Download the game, download my levels, play them and tell me what you think, and then send me your own!

I've never focused on score or on the challenge of making it through a set without running out of lives.  So
with all of these level sets, feel free to take as many extra men as you like.  The structure of the sets vary, but you'll probably have a better time if you start at the beginning and avoid jumping ahead, at least at first.

These level sets are listed in chronological order, with the exception of, which is listed first because you should play it first if you're not experienced with the game.

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