I AM TNT!!!  I AM TEH GREATEST CREAT0R OF LODE RUNNER LEVELZ IN TEH HISTORY OF TEH UNIVERSE!!!!!!11  Welcome to my Lode Runner section;;;this is where you come to download my labors of love.

A set of five Easy Levels to warm you up. Easy.pzl
The first level set I made with The Legend Returns--The Canon! Canon.pzl
A great Lode Runner Odyssey based loosely on a story I once tried to write. Odyssey.pzl
The Sequence.  Each level introduces a new element.  Starts out very easy, gets extremely hard. Sequence.pzl
A level set based on the Alphabet Planets my sister and I used to play make believe about as children. Alphabet.pzl
My latest compilation of purely puzzle-like levels and related Curiosities. Curiosities.pzl
A small file full of bizarre or over-the-top levels I call the Iguana.

        Runner icon[This page is so out of date!  I've updated some of the text but I have many more levels to offer now!]

Did you ever play Lode Runner?  It's pretty awesome it its old-school way.  Made originally by Broderbund in the early 80s, it's a platformer action game in which you can't jump - instead, you dig.  It's been ported to a ton of platforms.  I got into the original as a kid, mainly because it was the first game I encountered with a level editor, and the level editor is super simple: you just put things in boxes.  I loved the reinvnetion of the game in the 90s by Sierra, who put out two new versions: Lode Runner Online, and Lode Runner Online: Mad Monks' Revenge.  Now, an Australian team has recreated this beloved version of a classic game from scratch for modern operating systems.  Join the Discord!

And if you like the game, please be my kindred spirit.  Download my levels and share your own.  If not, buy yourself a copy of this wonderful remake of an old classic, released by Sierra and developed by Presage, or find one using the links below, and familiarize yourself with this fascinating puzzle/action game.  Or should I call it a puzzle/action/art/lessons-of-life game?  I learned a lot of valuable lessons, applicable to many areas of life, by designing Lode Runner levels.  More are always occurring to me.

The .pzl files in these Zip archives should be placed in your PUZZLES folder. 
With all of these files, you may feel free to take as many extra men as you like.  I suggest, however that you not jump from level to level or look ahead when playing The Canon, The Odyssey, or Curiosities.  For the full experience, play with the CD so that you have the appropriate music.

These files are listed in chronological order, with the exception of, which is listed first because you should play it first if you're not experienced with the game. includes a hint file and a solution file. includes a solution/hint file and a backstory file.

Lode Runner links:
Jason's Lode Runner archive
(The biggest and best fan site, with countless treasures.  Sadly, it is no longer maintained.)
Lode Runner download page
(A long list of Lode Runner software all of types.)
Todd Daggert's website
(The home of the head developer of the new Lode Runner games.)
Lode Runner Yahoo group


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