MUCK art

Here is art that has some connection to my MUCK adventures over the years.

Ajenti the lioness
Here is a lion.  This is not just a cartoon lion.  This is Ajenti.  She is a particular lion.

She has a personality.  She has a history.  I stole her from the most famous Lion King fanfic but I made extra stuff up about her too.  She was often a driving force behind the cooperative hunts we would do and I liked playing her.  One guy I knew couldn't believe she was me when he found out.

Bashak (gloomy)

On The Lion King MUCK, some people played like eight characters at once.  I played just one character for the whole six years I was there.  He was a hyena and his name was Bashak.  This picture is not what he looks like.

Bashak - cliffy

Also wrong.


This is right.

Bashak was a nice hyena.  He learned the art of healing from Uzaliwa, a healer gorilla, and learned some other stuff that probably had to do with leadership from Joka, the leader of the Zaai clan.  When Joka was killed, Bashak founded a new clan called the Menders including some of the former Zaai members and some other animals he just found wandering around.  The Menders were a clan of mostly nice hyenas (plus nice leopards were allowed to join).  It was pretty dumb but I'm still proud of the lands I built for them.  The MUCK's lands are just scattereddraggled all over the place like a spider maze, but I figured out more or less where some things should go and I used my land to stitch them together.  I also used the web to learn about African plants and trees and such, which wasn't super-easy.

This is Zazu.  Everyone knows who he is.  I played him on Endless Round.  I was pretty good at being a hornbill majordomo with a stick up my ass and a pretty good work ethic and an appreciation for tradition!

This is what a hornbill actually looks like.

Some dragony thing
I don't know what this dragony thing is but it was in my MUCKpics folder and was called MUCK.jpg.  So it must be important somehow.

Thanks for coming to my page of MUCK Art!  I will add more junk eventually.