How I Learned Morse Code

- …. .. … .. … -. --- - .- … ..- -... - .. - .-.. .

They say that Everything came from a singularity, (.)
but real substance lies in ultimate Truth. (-)

First came the world Beat, producing many thrums... (-...)
Then the cosmic Vacuum, gobbling up the crumbs! (...-)

Fluff was everywhere, more before than behind... (..-.)
But reversed itself Later. (.-..)

Garbage piled up, detritus trailing (--.)
and then vast Water—let's go sailing! (.--)

Thus beings were born:

X was a spider, eyes adorned by legs (-..-)
while the Kid bore horns astride its slender face. (-.-)

The bunny Hopped on its four small feet, (....)
then boldly Jumped to a splendid new plateau! (.---)

Mmmm,” the beasts pondered with their two flat lips. (--)
I see!” they exclaimed with their two bright I's. (..)

There were Skinny people, all grouped together... (...)
Others were Obese and equally proud. (---)

In their Pride, they lay their small accomplishments to either side, (.--.)
But only one could Reign upon the throne. (.-.)

Thoughts lurked among the lobes of their brains...

A humble Question must wait to be answered (--.-)
but Yearnings are entitled to leap ahead. (-.--)

An Awakening is when something follows nothing, (.-)
but Nothing can remain awake forever. (-.)

Thus the Dreamers drifted off to sleep (-..)
until reality forced them Up again. (..-)

So they Chewed their thoughts, minds alternately open and closed... (-.-.)
Until they learned that Z is where letters end, and emptiness returns. (--..)