Pony poems
Poems and songs I wrote in connection with my time on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-themed roleplaying venue EquestriaMUCK.

Being Friends with Boulders

by Maud Pie

As appearing in my fan novel The Pony Who Lived Upstairs, Chapter

There's nothing colder

than a boulder

The way they talk

is like chalk.

The way they relate

Is like slate.

The first time we played sports

felt like quartz.

The first time that we kissed

felt like schist.

Sometimes you need a friend

who's consistent end to end

(Unless, of course, this particular

boulder happens to be vesicular.)

Celestial Double Dactyl

Trill-la-la, troll-la-la
Princess Celestia.
Solar custodian,
Quick as a shot!

Makes her appearances
Thereby avoiding di-
stortion of plot.

Pinkie Pie Palindrome

In order to have pie, Pinkie will go to anyplace not too snowy. Cold is everywhere today! Sadly, Pinkie sees Fluttershy gasping outside. Passing time, the watches and clocks cuckoo, and games console her. Eschewing laughs, Pinkie bitterly sighs. She scribbles some ideas, some thoughts, her mind whirring. Her searching is so futile. Is boredom ultimately inevitable? Is it? No?? Then what might she enjoy?

Maybe she'll craft a palindrome--a craft she'll maybe enjoy! She might! What then?

No. It is inevitable. Ultimately, boredom is futile. So is searching her whirring mind—her thoughts, some ideas, some scribbles. She sighs. Bitterly, Pinkie laughs, eschewing her console games and cuckoo clocks, and watches the time passing outside. Gasping, Fluttershy sees Pinkie. Sadly, today everywhere is cold...snowy too! Not anyplace to go! Will Pinkie Pie have to order in?!