"The Island Adventure"

This sketch was made by Jamango, a Czech dude I met long ago on The Lion King MUCK.  It features the cast of a one-on-one roleplay adventure I ran for him, which we sadly never finished.  The cast is a mixture of sixteen characters from various works of fiction, most of which are my own unfinished stories.

The cast of Jamango's island adventure.

From left: Eloi, Jethram (below), Jaimie, Serendipity (in water), Jamango, Isabelle, Valeporra, Xerxes, Milan, Stagrath, Naphthali (above) Gertrude, Eva, Specter (below), Bahlia, Orchid.

Eloi the pterodactyl is from the computer game Lost Eden.  Jaimie is from the Endless Quest books Pillars of Pentagarn and Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons by Rose Estes.  Eva is from the illustrated novel Catwitch by Una Woodruff.  Isabelle is from Hanna Bennett's web project A Second Chance for Isabelle Jones.  Bahlia was originally inspired by TV's Xena, Warrior Princess, but grew beyond the role.

Xerxes, Valeporra, Milan and Naphthali are from a personal fantasy world of mine whose eventual form and title I have not yet decided. I have roleplayed Milan and Valeporra online. Jethram is from the world of The Fruitful Circle, a novel I began in ninth grade and abandoned soon after.  Gertrude is from a short story I began around the same time and never finished, and was vaguely inspired by the red-headed actress on the old educational show Square One Television.  Orchid the unicorn is from a radio play I conceived of around tenth grade with the working title of Moonwell.  Serendipity the Lapras is a character I played on PokeMUCK and Pokemon NEO, whose name was inspired by the Stephen Cosgrove book Serendipity. Specter, a man reincarnated as a horse pulling the carriage of Death, was from a concept I tried to build into a one-on-one RP adventure in tenth grade.  Stagrath was an original invention for this adventure.

And Jamango, of course, was the protagonist, who chose to remain in the jackal form he assumed on TLK MUCK.  I may someday run this adventure again, in which case a different face would take his place.