The Gamer's Perspective
Essays on Survivor: Thailand.

I wrote these essays in the style of the columnists writing for  I then became one of their columnists for Survivor: Amazon.  My essays for that series should be available in the Survivorfire archives.

Episode 1: Selecting teams and sliding blocks
Episode 2: Awkward games
Episode 3: Jam-packed with fun
Episode 4: Strategy emerges!
Episode 5: What could have been
Episode 6: Every skateboarder has his day
Episode 7: Chuay Jai was a stupid name anyway
Episode 8: A very personal episode
Episode 9: They went and called the tribe Chuay Jai anyway!!
Episode 10: Snakes and Pennies have only tails.
Episode 11: When one door closes, another opens.
Episode 12: Tangled threesomes.
Episode 13: Champion of disappointment.


Brian: 17
Ken: 7
Helen: 4
Ted: 3
Jake: 3
Jed: 2
Clay: 1
John: 0
Shii Ann: -1
Tanya: -2
Robb: -3
Erin: -3
Penny: -4
Ghandia: -6
Jan: -9
Stephanie: -9

3 points for each Best Gamer
2 points for each 2nd Best Gamer
-2 points for each 2nd Worst Gamer
-3 points for each Worst Gamer
Italics signify a contestant who has been removed from the game.