What Is Best?


Here's section 37, the section I chose to excerpt for my NaNoWriMo profile while I was working on the novel during November. It's one of the earlier sections that I wrote, and hasn't changed much in revision. I'll add more material here as time goes on.


“Find where the first two items you chose intersect,” Creator instructs. That will lead you to a symbol.”

Birth reference table

“All right,” you reply. “I have it.”

“Now find that same symbol along the perimeter of the other table.”

You do so. “I’ve found it.”

“Good. Now, do you remember the number you chose from the third list?”


“From the space containing your symbol, count inward a number of spaces equal to the number you chose.”

“Onto the grid?”

“Yes,” says Creator. “You will reach a space with a number and a letter.”

“All right.”

“The letter tells you which direction to move—Up, Down, Left or Right. The number tells you how many spaces to move in that direction.”

“Oh, I get it!”

“Good. Continue moving from space to space in this fashion until you reach one of the numbers in bold.”

Birth Table

You work your way mentally along the grid, moving this way and that, until, almost before you know it—


“Very good! Which number did you end up on?”

Follow Creator’s instructions!

If your final number is 5, turn to Section 5.

If your final number is 41, turn to Section 41.

If your final number is 69, turn to Section 69.

If your final number is something else, turn to Section 70.