Angry Birdsong

Thorin N. Tatge

To "The Swallow Song" by Joan Baez

Sit trembling quietly and listen to the theme

As creatures built like feathered balls

Come soaring high above, careening toward your home

And take great pleasure as it falls

There is no sorrow like the popping of the pigs

No sound more fearsome than their cry

There is no power like their kamikaze flight

To spoil your crown and black your eye

Do you hear the scoring of a hundred thousand points?

Do you hear the crash of glass and stone?

Do you hear the angry birds slinging through the night?

Do you hear the creak with which they're thrown?

And will the falling eggs destroy all you have wrought?

And will explosives fall like rain?

And will they come back in pursuit of further stars

And play the level yet again?