Filk songs

More info coming later... and I also intend to format these individual pages better (though not uniformly).  For now--the text!

General parodies and filks:
(in roughly alphabetical order, to be fixed)

Burger Connection
The Ambulocetus Song
Big Blue Pool and a Billion Trees
Candy Tree
Can You Remember
Broken Morning
Angry Birdsong
The Merry Song of Betty Thong
A Celebration of Animals
Bee of the Bird of the Moth (extra verses)
The Basilisk Hunters
500 Miles by Bicycle
Baby Bumpkin
Clever, So Clever
Coca-Cola Forever
The Cooking Skills of Man
A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Song
Darzee's Chaunt (extended version)
Daredevil Davy's Lament
The Devil's Bouncer
A Memo to Class Dinosauria, Signed God
Dona Dona (dragon remix)
On Top of Spaghetti (Discordian remix)
Dory of Morro Bay
Do You Love a Kitty?
Dr. Mario theme lyrics
Du Wacky Du
Falling Range
Marsupial Fandom (extra verses)
Fish Fractions
Fort Lucenne Mall
The Fox (in Socks)
The Fox's Lesson
Gabu's Song
Gingerbread People
Go North
The Hearts
The History of Physics 101 (extra verse)
Hit the Road, Cats
I am a Roc
People Will Think We're in League
It Hearts You
Kiss from a Rock
The Leg Dance
The Lessons of Time
Level Three
The Lifeguard
The Lode Runner Song
Love You, Bea
Lucky Bear
Man Playing Scrabble
Many a New Scale
Mei's Lullaby
Murderous Little Toy
My Pet Is Called Nature
One Was yopu
Our House
Q in Check
The RadiShTree
Sailing Toward the Morning
Salamander Embers
Sam of the Dance
More 'f the Landwitch o' the West
School of Magic Inventory
Shattered Church Window
Silly Little Starstrung
Song of the Mother Wolf
Stand Right There
Stars 'n' Bars 2016
Strange Things
The Wind Song (extended version)
When I Am a Toad
The Waters of Babylon
Used to Anything
Walking Lullaby
Watership Down
Waters of Babble-On
What Is a Vine
What Is My Spirit
Words Are Also Like
Your Mom Is SO Fat

Specialty songs
Pony songs
Reba songs
Undertale songs
Christmas filks
MUCK songs