The Candy Tree

To "The Baby tree" by Paul Kantner

There's an island way out in the sea

Where the candy, it grows on a tree

Why take out your wallets

For Whatchamacallits

When you can pick candy for free, free?

Pick Goobers and Dots all for free!

Oh, there's Hershey's and Snickers and Twix

Wee Nerds up to huge Pixy Stix

There's Starburst and Skor

And Kit Kats and more

All rustling around in the mix, mix

The ultimate sweet party mix.

And when the stormy winds wail

And the breezes blow high in the gale

There's the funniest dropping and plopping and bopping

And fat little candies just hail, hail

The fat little candies just hail.

And the candy lies there in a pile

And the children come after awhile

And they always pass by

The ones that taste dry

And take ones that ruin their smile, smile

With sugar that ruins their smile.