Dory of Morro Bay

Thorin N. Tatge

To the tune of “(Charlie on the) M.T.A.” by Jacquiline Steiner and Bess Lomax Haws

Well, let me tell you of the story of a fish named Dory who once lived in this very tank.

She was looking for seashells when the undertow got her, and in seconds, away she sank!

CHORUS: And did she ever return? No, she never returned, and her fate is still unlearned.

She may swim forever in the open ocean—she's the fish who never returned!

Dory had a little problem with her short-term memory—no surprise that she lost her way.

She may be drifting by the sandy shores of Santa Barbara or the canyon of Monterey.


Well, her parents went begging to the fish ombudsman, but he told them not to cause a scene:

Sorry Jenny, sorry Charlie, but I just can't help you—your daughter's in Quarantine.”


So they followed her to Quarantine, but found she'd slipped through a pipe to the open sea.

And her parents plunged right into the ocean, hoping that she'd find them eventually!


Don't you think it's a scandal that the MLI's plumbing is more porous than a soufflé?

Vote for Spinetail Sullivan and keep our institute the jewel of Morro Bay!