School of Magic Inventory

Thorin N. Tatge

(At the request of Laramie Sasseville)

When I went to a school of magic,

These are the things I found inside...

A sage's staff of prophecy

A slithering wand of ice

An enchanted yew wand of reach

A crystal wand of sacrifice

Staff of wizards, staff of witches

Book of guidance, Book of light

A dual wand of the inferno and a clawed wand of insight!

Hippogriffs golden, earthly, fiery

Pegasi both cursed and blessed

Dragon jeweled and dragon icy

Sage and a mirror of the past

Four different kinds of elementals

Lightning, water

Wind and fire

An S staff of revival and an enchanted yew wand of desire!

A sage's staff of enlightenment

A crystal wand of divinity

A mighty wand, a staff of kings

And one clawed wand of bravery

Four different kinds of glittering pendant:

Prestige, authority,

Aptitude, talent!

Winter reindeer, hippocampus, frog and Pasha's wise elephant!

Book of summoning, wand of eternity

Slithering wand of retribution

Sparkling ankh of frozen fate

And crystal wand of absolution

Four different kinds of glowing braces:

Hunter, enigma

Oracle, seer

Ancient riding tortoise, rabbit, and stalking riding fenrir!

Golden ankh of cheated fate

Precious vessel of dexterity

Ring of death and ring of life

And streaming orb of prosperity

Four different kind of phoenixes:

Ice and fire

Sun and shadow!

Four different kinds of shapeshifting

spells: elk and bat and wolf and crow!

Staffs of angels and archangels

Mithril boglet of speed

A slithering wand of cloaked desires

Owl, bascamisk, darksteed

Four different kinds of dual brooms:

Judgement, vengence,

Knowledge, majesty!

Dual wand of poison, cloaks of

Protection, invisibility!

Lightning, fire, wind and water

Spells and wards of every level

Tokens of friendship and honor

Mouse and cat and blessed camel

Plus four different kinds of charms:

Prosperity, fortuitous

Guardian, dangerous

Riding rocs of fireway, skyway,

Speed snails imbued and harmonious!

Cunning broom and super broom

Midas orb of farsight

Crystal wand of justice and

A mithril goblet of life

Tokens of divinity

Books both dark and divine

Finally, Leviathan...

And the best part is it's all mine!