Verses to the Leg Dance

If your weight is too heavy to carry,

You might worry that you are not strong,

But your worries are unnecessary:

We will all Loosen Up before long!

Maybe you get contusions from creeping,

And from standing too close to the ground,

But if space interferes with your sleeping,

Loosen Up, and your sleep will be sound!

If a bugbear who couldn’t be thinner

Begs for meat off a bone, let it sup,

But beware, for that poor bugbear’s dinner

Will be you if you don’t Loosen Up!

Though your friends be fourteen-footed creatures,

Though they pass swiftly over the land,

They make fun of tentacular features,

But they can’t Loosen Up on command!

Any quadruped runs like a river,

Any biped can give you a bow!

But if standing too tall makes you quiver,

Loosen Up, before you forget how!

If your sweetheart’s a mammal with rhythm,

If you’ve known him since he was a pup.

If he asks for a dance, dance it with him,

But when you’re halfway through, Loosen Up!

Let your limbs be as hard as your thinking,

And your stature will never wear down.

But the next time you find yourself sinking,

If you don’t Loosen Up, you will drown!

It is true that a structure of power

Must be stiff, straight and strong to survive,

But if you are more fun than a tower,

Loosen Up, and be glad you’re alive!

Sometimes nature no longer seems pretty,

And it’s harder to drink from its cup,

But to live takes adaptability,

And to triumph, we must Loosen Up!