Can You Remember

By Thorin N. Tatge

(To “Try to Remember” by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt)

Can you remember that day in November when you felt lighter than a sparrow?

Has your calendar been wrecked by that bender, or are you on the straight and narrow?

Can you remember your name or your gender without deep hypnosis or reading Tarot?

If you remember, then let's get revenge for your sorrow!

Can you remember that heinous offender who called himself the Fighting Pharaoh?

Can you remember that gruesome gut-blender who'd break your bones and suck your marrow?

Can you remember? You wouldn't surrender, and got carted home in a wheelbarrow!

If you remember, then, friend, you should go be a hero!

Fellow defender, I'm glad we are slender, so we can hide inside his burrow.

Glimpse the offender, that godless pretender, whose face contorts into a furrow!

Soon he will render our flesh very tender, and I understand he is very thorough.

We'll have to ensure our vengeance is true as an arrow!

Who is the sender of this deadly splendor? We've labeled it "Imported Taro."

I'll be portender: this drug will engender your painful death, suffused with sorrow!

O, for a mender or heavenly lender with antidote serum that you could borrow!

Hellbound descender, find peace, for you won't see tomorrow!