Baby Bumpkin

Thorin N. Tatge

Street toughs are pumpin’ Baby Bumpkin;

They’re looking for somethin’, Baby Bumpkin

But you’ve never thunk it, Baby Bumpkin,

They’re puffing their trumpet, Baby Bumpkin,

So you’d best get jumpin’, Baby Bumpkin

Or soon you’ll be slumpin’, Baby Bumpkin

You’re not allowed—no!

You’re not allowed to go.

Not allowed to go—no!

You’re not allowed to leave here!

Got my heart pumpin’ for Baby Bumpkin.

Cause there’s people punkin’ Baby Bumpkin,

But there’s lots of spunk in Baby Bumpkin

So don’t be all sunken, Baby Bumpkin.

It ain’t no use stumpin’ for Baby Bumpkin

Cause it’s time to trump in, Baby Bumpkin

I owe you one—yeah!

I gotta owe you one.

And I’ll give you one—yeah!

I’ll give you one or two—yeah!

Buy me a pumpkin for Baby Bumpkin

Put that in your trunk for Baby Bumpkin

I got lots of junk for Baby Bumpkin

I’m feelin’ the funk in Baby Bumpkin

We’ll pump up the crunk for Baby Bumpkin.

So who’s up for dunkin’ Baby Bumpkin?

‘Cause there ain’t a lot—no!

There’s not a lot to do.

Not a lot of stuff—no!

There’s nothing left to do here!