A Celebration of Animals

Thorin N. Tatge

Life is a funny thing for the people living it;

Bodies are puzzles to everyone!

Breathing is easy and thinking is incredible,

Work is meticulous, playtime ridiculous;

Ours is a world of fun!

I am a swimming thing, pushing through the molecules—

See my resistance flow all around!

My joints are flexible; my skin is smooth and firm;

Turns can be quite intense; dives are odd but do make sense;

Mine is a world of sound!

And I am a settled thing, fortified with calcium,

Snug in my very own pleasure dome!

My gills can ably route tasty plankton in and out!

Here, where the sea and land mingle in a swirl of sand,

Mine is a world of foam!


And I sing:

Climbing, crawling, digging, flying,

Mooching, grazing, humble, hiding,

Swimming, settled, scaly, slimy,

Silly, chilly, chasing! Thus is born the animal.

Nothing in the world parallels an animal.

And I am a digging thing, sifting through the underground,

Mapping each wandering curve and coil!

I shape my habitat; ceilings are a door to me;

My claws are hard and clean; my form is loose and lean;

Mine is a world of soil!

And I am a slimy thing, lurking in the fens and bogs;

Peat moss and lillipads are my shoes!

Insects are yummy specks; water's unavoidable;

Plants, scents and texture rich, all within a little ditch;

Mine is a world of ooze!

I am a crawling thing, feeling out a signal path,

To join an army that packs a punch!

I shall forever be thinking of the colony!

Food isn't hard to find when part of a higher mind;

Mine is a world in a bunch!


I am a hiding thing, sheltered by the undergrowth,

Carefully furnishing up my home!

I live by night and day, snug times and mating times...

I run on chemicals, eat seeds and mossy balls;

Mine is a world of my own!

I am a humble thing, rooting for my livelihood,

Out in the dark to avoid the rush!

Spines, quills and carapace keep a hunter in its place!

Here, where you'd never look, in a burrow, in a nook—

Mine is a world of brush!

And I am a scaly thing, guarded from the elements,

Watching the world as I digest!

My blood is flexible, changing as the weather does—

Though I seem comatose, I eat those who come too close;

Mine is a world of rest!


I am a grazing thing feasting on the foliage,
Feeding the legs upon which I stand!

Sometimes I like to hide; other times my hide is tough;

My knees are amply built to offset any tilt;

Mine is a world of land!

And I am a chasing thing, sniffing out a moving meal,

Lying in wait for the catch I need!

Sharp claws adorn my feet! Bouncy muscles make me fleet;

Pouncing is lots of fun; dodging is cumbersome;

Mine is a world of speed!

I am a mooching thing, proud to be a scavenger;

Peep, snatch and gone again in a flash!

No matter what you bring, I can live on anything;

My nose can smell decay more than half a mile away!

Mine is a world of trash!


I am a chilly thing, fishing in the frozen waste,
Slippery blubber my only vice!

Flippers are better wet, on land only adequate;

Yet, when my mate I meet, we'll conserve our body heat;

Mine is a world of ice!

I am a climbing thing, nibbling on nuts and fruits,

Linking the forest and staying light!

Hop, skip and jump away make survival into play—

Snug up my favorite tree, rocking down the canopy,

Mine is a world of height!

And I am a flying thing, grappling with gravity,

Crossing the bridges that aren't there!

Wing veins of milky mist, all my motions magnify—

My flight is self-propelled; eyesight unparalleled—

Mine is a world of air!


I am a silly thing; I invented bicycles;

I do what my visions say I ought!

Words mean a lot to me, and to my society;

My hands are quite ornate; my back is tall and straight;

Mine is a world of thought!

And, life is a funny thing, for the people living it;

Bodies are puzzles to everyone!

Breathing is easy and thinking is incredible,

Work is meticulous, playtime ridiculous,

Patterns oracular; wisdom spectacular,

Instinct defiable; nature undeniable,

Ours is a world of fun!

Yes, ours is a world of fun!

I'll tell you one more time...ours is a world of fun!

Extra mythological verses!