I Am a Roc

Thorin N. Tatge

(To “I am a Rock” by Simon and Garfunkel)

C - / F C - -

A summer’s day

Above a windswept, arid country.

DmG7 C -

I am invincible!

DmEm DmEm / DmF G7

Gazing from the heavens to the ground below

There’s nowhere in the world I dare not go.

C / G C - - -

I am a roc!

I am a flier!

I have no things

But I am denied nothing.

I am beyond property!

My clutches are gigantic

I take the things I want

There’s nothing that I see I cannot take.

I am a roc!

I am a flier!

Don’t talk of love

Who could love a force of nature?

I am a hurricane!

I have no need of friendship; friendship is for men.

To feel it is to languish in a pen.

But I am a roc!

I am a flier!

And in my wings

You could ride for leagues or lifetimes.

My wings are tarpaulins!

You could have a pleasant picnic

Food flying everywhere

Behold my body built from solid air!

I am a roc!

I am a flier!

DmEm C / DmEm C - -

And a roc feels no pain;

And a flier has no ties.