The RadiShTree

Thorin N. Tatge

(To “The Brandy Tree” by Gordon Bok)

I go down to the RadiShTree

And take five thousand fans with me

All for a weekend of fantasy

Before we come back to earth

Through the Hucksters Room, deep and wide

T-shirts and dragons to each side

There, let a sense of wonder build

To last you a week or more

Con come follow my happy way

Don't break the elevators!

Panel's at two, come go with me?

It's off in the Northern Tower.

I remember Mr. C's

Five great rooms of mysteries

Fill up a cup with jellybeans

And climb through the window ledge.

There's folks who'll tell you what to read

As they chatter on the stage

They've been reading for a thousand years

Since the SF Golden Age

When the sun goes down on the program track

The Garden Court picks up the slack

I flock through two dozen party rooms

With just four hours' sleep

Con come follow my happy way

Don't break the escalators!

Won't you come meet a GoH with me?

They're signing down the hall.

Someday down in the RadiShTree

The management will lose sympathy

Force us to leave our happy ways

And the tall hotel we know

Con on the hill, come go with me

We'll relish the memory

They're moving to a new hotel

And that's the way we'll go

That's the way for me