Sailing Toward the Morning

Thorin N. Tatge

(To “Turning Toward the Morning” by Gordon Bok)

C - F - / C - F G / C - F - / C G F C

When the land has settled down in abeyance to the crown

And the wars that wracked our fathers all have ceased and run aground,

That’s the time at lengthy last to start a quest of great renown;

That’s the time to strike out sailing toward the morning.


G - C - / C - F G / C – F - / C G F C

Oh, my Lucy, don't you know that the stars are swinging low,

And the waves are fresh and sweet the way the world was long ago.

To the eastern skies we’re headed; what we’ll find there we don’t know,

But we’ll sail until we touch the rays of morning.

Well the voyage may be hard, with plenty reason to complain

It may seem your fellow shipmates are a burden and a pain.

But when you’ve turned to a dragon, and you’ve been turned back again

You’ll be pleased to see their faces in the morning.


When the darkness falls around, and a madman comes to you

An escapee from the island where the dreams of men come true,

Sailing on, not looking back’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do,

But you’ll meet those dreams anew beyond the morning.


It’s a pity that we know what the Dufflepuds don’t know

We’ve a grasp of fact and reason and it pains our souls so.

They just hop into the water, sound a cheer and off they go;

They’ve no need to know what lies beyond the morning.


Now, my Lucy, don't you know that the sun has come to grow,

And the water’s full of blossoms like it was so long ago

And if Reepicheep should ask you, "Why's my Lucy weeping so?"

Won’t you tell him that you're weeping for the morning?