Hey, can you see our flag?

Is it still where it was

when we saw it last night

and got all patriotic?

All those big stars and stripes

really give me a buzz

and the way the thing streams

can be straight up hypnotic.

All those bombs from last night

had us retching with fright

but at least there's an upside:

They gave us some light.

So yo, is it waving

or did it get ganked

'Cause we're all brave and free,

and it sucks to get spanked.

Homey, what is that thing

on the shore over there

where the bad guys are all

standing picking their noses?

I have no fricking clue

what it is, but I care

'cause it's beautiful, dude

like a fuckton of roses.

And it's all red and white

and it's chill in the light

and it grooves on the breeze;

tell me, what is that sight?

JK; I know perfectly

well it's our flag

and the fact it's still up

is cold proof of our swag!

Where the hell are those guys

who were all in our face

saying “Give us your land

for a new day is dawning”?

We've been pwning their dudes

from inside of their base

Now there's blood everywhere

and they won't be respawning

And our guys that they pressed

into service sans zest

at the end of the day

are as dead as the rest

Our flag is still flying

'cause we've got mad skills

and that big ring of stars

is a count of our kills.

We'll just go on like that

killing redcoated derps

for as long as their kings

keep on trying to fade us

And I sure hope that we

aren't such ungrateful twerps

that we don't thank the Lord

for the fly way he made us.

So let's beat up some bums

and then steal all their crumbs

With God on our side

we're as dope as it comes!

I know that we'll win

'cause our flag is so cool.

USA is number one

and Americans rule!