Cranium Crazydie

NOTE: I bought a blank die and created the die I describe here. You can doe the same and make up the picture you want for each side, or you can just assign each effect to one of the numbers on a normal die.

The Crazydie is an enhancement for the party game Cranium. Each face of the Crazydie represents a special effect that will happen during a single turn. When using the Crazydie, roll it at the start of every turn. (If you are on a purple space, decide what color card you will take before rolling.) If the die shows the color of the card you are taking, then it affects the way your turn will be played. Refer to the instructions below. If the die does not show that color, it has no effect and your turn is played normally.

WILD (any color): You may take a card of any color this turn, as if you were on a purple space.

JIFFY (any color): You must complete your task in half the normal time limit. If a clock or watch is available, one person measures out thirty seconds in which your team must complete its task; otherwise, let half the timer run before beginning your task. If you succeed, move your token forward one space. (If the card you draw is a Club Cranium, both teams race to finish in thirty seconds, and whichever team finishes first moves ahead one square, or if neither team succeeds, then no one moves.) Regardless of the outcome of this task, continue by taking another turn.

CLUB (blue or green): This card is now a Club Cranium.

EAVESDROPPER (blue or green): After your task is read, your opponents must choose one member of their team to "eavesdrop" on your task. That player is allowed to make guesses as to your target phrase. If the eavesdropper guesses the target phrase before anyone on your team does, then you fail the task.

MIXED MEDIA (blue or green): For this task, you will be using a different form of expression than the intended one. After your card is read and you have examined it, you must decide what medium you will be using for the task. You must choose one of the following:
A) Sculpting with clay
B) Drawing with your eyes closed
C) Acting without talking
D) Humming You may not choose the same medium that the card tells you to use, although if it tells you to impersonate a celebrity you may choose to pantomime that celebrity without speech, and if it tells you to draw a picture with your eyes open you may choose to draw with your eyes closed.

TURN-ABOUT (red or yellow): After the card is read, both teams privately decide on an answer to the question in the allotted time. If your team does not answer correctly, but the opponents do, then their next task is an automatic success. In this case, they do not roll the Crazydie on their turn. They simply roll the movement die and advance, and it is then your turn again.