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~ Card games, variations on existing games, and novelties. ~

In this section, you'll find rules to all the games and game variants I can remember ever inventing. I grew up in a household full of games--my father's private collection, at about five thousand titles, is one of the world's largest. We host game parties every Friday evening, for which the turnout can vary from a mere handful of guests to as many as twenty.

Most of the games we play fall in the 'general' category--board games, card games, and so forth. There are many, many more games of this type to be bought than most people know of. (If you're curious, BoardGameGeek is a good place to start looking.) I've also enjoyed party games, roleplaying games, and various kinds of computer and console games, but I don't play those so often.

I'm not hugely into game invention, but it is a significant interest of mine. I've only created one completely original game--Dream Cycle, a tricky journey across a colored landscape that represents the subconscious. The other 'original' listed below is actually a tribute to the great novel Watership Down and to one of my favorite games, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation. Most of the games I've invented can be played with an ordinary deck of cards. I may someday compile the card game rules, together with those of my father, into a book.

If you try out any of these games, I'd love to hear how it works out. One of the greatest joys for me is when someone else enjoys something that I've created without my having to suggest it, but these moments are all too rare.

Dream Cycle
Watership Down: The Confrontation

Card Stratego
Ant War
Merits of the Night
Above Water
Above Water Reference Sheet

Ice Row

Domino Loop
Domino Yes or No

Monopoly...the way I like it
Cosmic Monopoly Powers
Star Wars Monopoly Powers
Liar's Poker...the way I like it
The Cranium Crazydie
The Liar's Dice Crazydie


Blockhead with dice
Zendo house rules


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