Domino Yes or No
A game for two to six players by Thorin N. Tatge

EQUIPMENT: A set of Double 6 or Double 9 dominoes

TO BEGIN: Turn the dominoes face down. Each player takes 6 dominoes from the stock and conceals them from other players. If you are playing with a Double 6 set and more than four players, each player gets only 4 dominoes.

THE OBJECT: To eliminate the other player’s dominoes by guessing what they are, and be the last player with any dominoes remaining.

ON YOUR TURN: You have two options: ask a Question or make a Guess. Each of these options is directed toward one other player.

Asking a Question consists of asking a player of your choice a Yes-or-No question. Examples:

The player you ask must answer truthfully, "Yes" or "No".

Making a Guess consists of guessing that a particular player has a particular domino. If he or she does have that domino, it is exposed face up, and the player who made the correct guess draws a new domino from the stock, if there are any left. If you make a correct Guess, you get to take another action: either a Question or another Guess. (These may be of any player, not just the one previously Guessed.) If you make a second correct Guess, you then ask a Question. Either asking a Question or making an incorrect Guess ends your turn.

WINNING: The last player with any dominoes remaining wins the game.