Want to make your game of Monopoly more interesting?  Give each player one of these powers at the beginning of the game.  If you're playing Star Wars Monopoly, give everyone the power that matches his or her token.

BOBA FETT: You are a renowned bounty hunter.  Whenever you land on another player, you may send him/her to Jail and collect $300 from the bank.

CHEWBACCA: You are skilled at transportation and smuggling.  If you land on a Starship/Railroad, you may move onto any other for a fee of $50.  You may use a Get Out Of Jail Free card to avoid going to Jail at all.  (If you roll doubles four times in a row, you go to Jail regardless.)

CLONE:  Except for the number of houses, all colored properties you own look the same. Hence, if someone lands on a colored property you own, you may charge the player as if he or she landed on any other colored property you own with the same number/type of buildings on it. (For example, if you own both States Ave. and Pacific Ave. with two houses each, you may charge any player landing on States Ave. the rent for Pacific Ave.)

C3PO: You are trained in millions of protocols.  You perform all menial game-related tasks. As a reward, you may take up to $20 of any amount paid from any player to the bank.

DARTH MAUL: You can raze what stands before you with ease.  When you land on a space with houses, you may destroy one before paying rent.  (Hotels are safe from you.)

DARTH VADER: You are an enemy of life itself.  Before the game, secretly select three colored properties and write down a number of houses (or "Hotel") as the critical mass for each.  If any of these properties ever attains the number of houses indicated, the Death Star arrives and destroys all the houses there, and the owner of the property must pay you an extortion fee of $100.  You may erase any of these critical masses at any time, in which case you must tell the other players that you are doing so but not which properties it affects.

EMPEROR PALPATINE: You control the Empire.  Anytime anyone buys a property off the board (including through an auction), roll two dice.  If you roll eight or greater, you get to choose which property they actually buy (at the new price).

HAN SOLO: You have just about the fastest ship in the galaxy.  Whenever you roll, the value of the higher of your two dice is doubled.  (For example, if you roll a 3 and a 5 you move 13 spaces.)  If doubles are rolled, double the entire roll.  Also, double any rent collected for the Millenium Falcon/Reading Railroad.

JABBA THE HUTT: You are a financial kingpin.  You never pay immediately. Instead, keep a tally of all payments and pay to the appropriate parties (in any order you choose) upon passing GO.  You are allowed to purchase buildings in this manner.  If you cannot make the payments, you go bankrupt.

JAR JAR BINKS: You have the power to luck out through clumsiness.  Four times per game, you may change your own die roll by one point.  (A-Whoopsie!  Me-sa landed on Community Chest again!)

LANDO CALRISSIAN: You are master of the slums as well as Cloud City.  All rents you collect for yellow or dark purple properties are doubled.

LEIA ORGANA: You are a leader in the fight to restore the Republic.  You may build on a color group even if you have only two properties in that monopoly, with a limit of two houses per property. You must still build as evenly as possible. If you gain the third property, you must build it up to match the first two before building any more on the first two properties.

LUKE SKYWALKER: You are a Jedi knight with some control over where your path takes you.  Once per trip around the board, before you roll, you may choose to move backward instead of forward. You cannot move back from or across GO.

OBI-WAN KENOBI: You are a master of Jedi mind tricks.  You can get out of paying rent once to each player in the game.  (“I don’t need to pay you rent.”  “You don’t… need to pay me… rent.  Move along, now, move along.”)

QUI-GON JINN: You have the power to cheat at dice games (for a good cause, of course).  Twice per game, you may turn any die that has just been rolled to an adjacent face.

R2D2: You are a whiz making hardware do what you want it to.  When you draw from Community Chest, look at the top three cards and choose which one you draw.  Put the others on the bottom or top of the deck, as you like.   You also collect double rent from Utilities.

TARKIN, GRAND MOFF: You are a conqueror of worlds.  If you land on an owned property with no buildings, and the owner has no other properties in that group, you may buy it off of the owning player for twice the on-board purchase price.  This is applicable to Starships/Railroads and Utilities as well as colored properties.

YODA, JEDI MASTER: You have great influence over the Force.  Anytime anyone (including yourself) draws from Chance, you may cancel the first flip and make them draw again.


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