Once, while surfing the net, I came upon a list of "Cosmic powers" for the game of Monopoly--a concept inspired by Mayfair's Cosmic Encounter.  I liked the idea, but I found a lot of the powers awkward or poorly designed.  I eventually came up with my own list of powers to enhance one's Monopoly game.
Print these out and have each player randomly select a power before your next game of Monopoly.  You can do so easily by rolling an ordinary die twice and using the following table:
If your first roll is... ..add this to your second roll.
1 0
2 6
3 12
4 18
5-6 Reroll
Take the power corresponding to the resulting number.  If someone already has this power, repeat to find a different one.

You have the power of liquid assets.  You pay no interest when unmortgaging properties.  You pay no penalty for acquiring a mortgaged property and not unmortgaging it immediately.  When selling buildings, you receive the full purchase price.  You collect double rent for the Water Works and never owe rent there.  If you own both the oceanic avenues (Atlantic and Pacific), you collect double rent for each.

You build things wherever you go.  If you land on your own property, you get a free house there (assuming one is available), even if you do not have a monopoly in that color.  If the space already has four houses, replace them with a hotel.  You may not build further on that property through normal means unless you first build up the other properties in the group equally.

You thrive on making risky loans.  You may borrow up to $1000 from the bank at any time.  When you do so, roll a die and keep it next to you, showing whatever you rolled.  At the end of each of your turns, reduce the number on this die by one.  (If you take out a loan during your own turn, do not reduce the number on that turn.)  When it reaches zero, you must repay your loan with 10% interest or you are out of the game.  You may only take out one loan at once.

You like to beat people up and take their money.  When you land on another player, take $100 from him or her.  Any player with a Get Out of Jail Free card has police protection and is immune from this attack—the card is not discarded.  In addition, any players who wind up in Jail together with you must pay you $50 unless they immediately use a Get Out of Jail Free card to leave.

You have the power to usurp real estate.  If you land on an unbuilt property whose owner owns no other properties in its group (even if it is a Railroad or Utility), you may buy it off its owner at twice the on-board purchase price.

You have the power of imitation.  Whenever you pass Go, you may forego collecting your $200 in order to gain the use of another player’s power until you decide to do this again.  You may use powers formerly belonging to players eliminated from the game.  (You cannot use this power to imitate the Terrorist or the Kudzu.)

You are a seasoned bluffer.  When you roll the dice, you have the option of doing so secretly.  Announce what you rolled to the group, lying if you please.  The other players now have a few moments to think about challenging you, although only one may do so for any given roll.  If no one challenges you, take your turn as if you rolled what you claimed.  If someone does challenge you, reveal your actual roll.  If you were lying, pay that player $200; if not, that player pays you $200.  In either case, move according to your actual roll.

You are the groundskeeper of Marvin Gardens.  You never owe rent on Marvin Gardens.  Anyone who pays rent on Marvin Gardens pays you $25 in addition to what they pay the owner.  If you own Marvin Gardens, you may build on it for free (but this does not allow you to ignore the rule about building evenly).

You are a traveling workingman.  You never pay rent on railroads and never pay Income Tax.  If you land on one of the dark purple properties, collect $50 from the owner instead of paying rent—for odd jobs rendered.

You have the power to condemn buildings.  Whenever you sell buildings, put them into your personal stockpile.  No one may buy them except you, although you may give or sell other players the right to buy them. You may only buy buildings at the start of your turn, and only once per turn (i.e. no buying, selling and immediate rebuying).  At any time, the other players may pay $1000 to the bank to pass a referendum forcing you to return all your condemned buildings to the public supply, in which case you are compensated $25 for each house and $50 for each hotel.

You grow everywhere.  Being a plant, you start the game with only $300.  However, you have no need for monopolies.  You can build houses and hotels on any properties you own, and need not follow the rule about building evenly.

You have the power of relocation.  Your token is a house.  Whenever another player lands on you, and you are on a colored property, he or she pays you as if you owned the property with one additional house built on it.  (If the property has four houses or a hotel on it, the rent is as much as it normally would be.)  The actual owner collects no rent.

You are spoiled royalty.  You have the first chance to pick a token at the start of the game.  You get your own pair of dice if one is available, and you may have other players flip over and read your cards for you if you like.  You never pay rent on unbuilt colored properties or on Park Place, and you never pay the Luxury Tax.  If you win second place in the beauty contest, however, you must throw a tantrum and pay all other players $50.

You thrive on primary colors.  If you own at least one property in three of the four primary colored groups—red, yellow, light blue and dark blue—reduce all rents you pay by $50.  If you own at least one property in all of those groups, reduce all rents you pay by $100.

You love all the colors of the rainbow!  When you pass Go, the amount of money you collect is $100 times the number of different colors in which you own at least one property.

You thrive on secondary colors.  If you own at least one property in three of the four secondary colored groups—orange, green, dark purple and light purple—increase the rent you collect for properties with at least one building by $100.  If you own at least one property in all of those groups, increase the rent you collect for properties with at least one building by $200.

You are the king of the slums.  All rent you collect for properties you collect on the first side of the board are doubled.

You can see the future.  You make your die rolls secretly five turns in advance, writing them down on a concealed sheet of paper.  If you roll doubles, record your follow-up roll(s) as part of the same turn.  When it’s your turn, first you roll the dice secretly for what you will roll in five turns and add it to the bottom of the list.  Then cross off the top number on the list and move accordingly.  If you are sent to Jail, you lose any additional rolls you may have had that turn (for rolling doubles).  Once per game, you may pay the bank $73 to “screw the future” and replace your list with five fresh turns.  (Do not let someone play this power unless you trust him or her not to cheat.)

You are the tax collector.  You gain any money paid to Income Tax, Luxury Tax, and any cards that mention a ‘tax’.  You need never pay such taxes.

You are a master of secret explosives.  Before the game, secretly select five colored properties and write them down along with a number of houses (or designate “hotel”) as the critical mass for each.  If any of these properties ever reaches the level of building indicated, reveal that line of your list.  The buildings on that property are destroyed and the owner of the property must pay you $150.  The owner must build that property up again before building on the others in the group, in accordance with the rule about building evenly.  You cannot avert an explosion, even if you are the owner of the property.

You have the power to ensnare others.  If another player lands on the space between the properties in a color where you have a monopoly (and does not move away through a card effect), that player must pay you $250 or the rent for the property one space ahead of his or her token, whichever is less.  If you are in Jail and another player lands on Just Visiting, you may put that player in Jail.

You are the head jailor.  You never go to Jail.  You collect $100 if you land on Go To Jail.  Any player who pays to get out of Jail must pay you $50 in addition to the money paid to the bank.

23: WARP
You have the power of teleportation.  Whenever you pass Go, you may forego your $200 in order to select one of the four sides of the board that you will skip on this lap.  (You may do this the instant you reach Go, thus altering the move you are in the middle of making, if you so desire.)  You skip all the spaces between (but not including) two corner spaces; i.e. if you choose side 2 you count Free Parking as the space after Just Visiting.  If you are sent to Jail after skipping a side, you may not skip that side a second time before reaching Go again.

You have the ability to curse.  Whenever you pass Go, name a particular space to be cursed.  If any player other than you lands on that space before you pass Go again, you may cast one of three curses on that player: (1) Make him or her pay you $80, (2) switch places on the board with him or her, or (3) roll a die and move him or her backwards that many spaces.  These effects take place before the effect of the space the cursed player would have landed on does.  If you switch places, you do not experience the effect of your new space, but the cursed player experiences the effect of the space you were on previously.  You may not curse Jail, but you may curse Just Visiting, although leaving Jail does not count as landing on that space.


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