Liarís Dice Crazydie

A Liarís Dice variant
By Thorin N. Tatge

The Liarís Dice Crazydie is a way of making the classic bar room game Liarís Dice (issued commercially by Milton Bradley and Endless Games) a little more interesting. The die can be created from a black die, or each of the effects listed below can simply be assigned to the faces of a unique die.

Before each round, roll the Crazydie. Each face will have a different special effect on the round to come.

Double Track: There will be two bidding dice in play this round! On a player's turn, he or she must either challenge, raise one of the bidding dice, or put a new bidding die into play if it is not yet on the board. You may not make a bid in the same denomination showing on the other bidding die. Wild stars are counted for both bidding tracks. When a challenge is issued, the challenging player is successful unless the dice represented by both bidding dice are present. The challenged player is exactly right only if both tracks are exactly right.

Triple Track: This works the same as the double track, but there are three bidding dice in play. When a challenge is issued, the challenged player wins if the dice represented by at least two of the three tracks are present. The challenged player is exactly right only if at least two of the tracks are exactly right.

Open Call: Any player may challenge the bid at any time this round, not just the player whose turn it is. Optional: When this effect in active, table talk is allowed. Any player saying the word "Call" or "Challenge" is considered to have done so.

Sideswipe: Once this round, each player may turn one of his or her dice to a new face. It must be to an adjacent face, not the opposite face, and the player must declare "Sideswipe" aloud. The die may either be showing or hidden. You may not sideswipe after a player has challenged another player.

No rerolls: The rule that allows you to reroll after bidding and showing at least one die is not in effect for this round. (Some people prefer the game this way. If you normally play without this rule, then it is in effect for this round.)

Overexposure: If it is your turn and you have more than one die hidden under your cup, you must expose one die before bidding. If you wish to reroll after bidding, you must expose an additional die for this. Exposed dice remain in public view until the end of the round.