Initial map for Endless Round MUCK


This map exists primarily as a guide for the staff of Endless Round MUCK involved in creating the MUCK before it opens. All of the rooms on the map exist as of its posting except for the desert. Some of the rooms have been described. Primarily, we need people to describe the rest. We need messages to be displayed when players leave each room by each exit, both to the player leaving and those in the room being left.

KEY: Shapes designate locations. Lines between them designate two-way exits. Lines with arrows designate one-way exits (although exits accessible only to birds, for example, may be installed going the other direction in some cases). Eyes designate places from which players should be allowed to look on the land below. Trails of dots designate directions in which further rooms will be built eventually after the MUCK opens.

Most titles are final, but not all are given here in their entirety. The Desert rooms will not be simply linked; it will be challenging to get through.

Generally, exits that clearly are part of a grid should be marked North, South, East or West. For example:
[East] to the Waterfall Path
[North] to the Tail of the Gorge

Descriptions should be entered paragraph by paragraph, with a title bar on the top, like this:

-=-=-=-=- Pridelands: Waterfall Path -=-=-=-=-

Check the Building forum thread on TLKMUCK Anew for further details.

Asante sana!