Mostly empty MUCK Page

Well, there should be a lot here, but there's not.

MUCKs, along with MUDs, MOOs, etcetera, are text-based online places where you can roleplay in real time.  MUCKs in particular are known for being freeform, meaning no gamemasters most of the time.  It's like make-believe, but with rooms you can move between, objects you can pick up, descriptions on people and places, secrets you can include, and so on!

I'm a MUCKer!  Well, I used to be.  I only MUCK in one place nowadays and it's a secret place.  But I used to play on a lot of places with a couple of common threads - talking animals and child-friendly settings!  Given that MUCKing is a disappearing pastime, most of them don't exist anymore.  But here's a not quite complete list!

Here's my now very obsolete map for the late Endless Round MUCK.

And here's Sarafina's proposed restructuring for KaV MUCK!

Okay so.  What do I need here?  Proboards for ChimaeraEquestriaMUCK forum?  A separate page for each?  Definitely for EqMUCK. What about the Virga /Cadance story?

Here's some art connecting to my MUCKing.