On Discordian haiku
The following introduction to the subject of Discordian haiku was written by Jonathan Wichmann, and appeared on the Discordia Caucus conference, an online forum provided by Carleton College.


In between the teeth
Drag drag drag drag
Blood flow!  Aieee! 


The Beatus Ffungo, your friend and mine, maintainer of the Discordian haven Cabaret Discordia, has this to say about Discordian Poetry: 

"All great religions have their poetic artforms - Judiasm has psalms, Christianity has hymns, Hinduism has the Gitas. Discordianism, although it should be, is no exception. We have the highly prized verse form known as the 'Discordian Haiku'. 

The requirements for Discordian Haiku are very explicit: 

     The first line must have 5 syllables
     The second line must have 7 syllables
     The third and final line must have 5 syllables
     The three lines must contain a total of 23 syllables 

Absolutely no exceptions to these rules will be tolerated."

Obviously, "Flossing" is a perfect example of a Discordian haiku.  Any discrepancies you may see between the requirements and the poem itself are caused by a thick fnordy buildup around your pineal gland.

And here is my own response:

Thorin's Discoku:

6    True  Sworn Loves'  Locks
Eris Rends Yon   Apple's Ends
Xap! A     Large Boy's   Socks.