My poems
Here's a smattering of my poetry from 1999 to 2004. More recent work to come soon.

That was a lie!  It's 17 years later now and I was still promising stuff "soon."  Oh, the tragic and ever-gradual
falsity of graven statements!  Also, why is this text running into that decorative bar when I don't put in a
line break?  That's bad design. Maybe should do something about that.

I guess all these poems can stay?  Maybe?  But most of them are dumb or clumsy by my current standards.
Lemme put in just, like...three on top that are newer and not terrible.  I gotta choose poems I won't be
trying to publish, though.  And unlike the old ones, I'm not putting in fancy formatting for these.  Let's see...

So, here are some poems that have already appeared in one place or another,
so there's no particular reason I can't put them here.

Subterranean Sestina
We'll Send the Foxes

How I Learned Morse Code

Zebraic Englyn
On Discordian haiku
Wishmaster Melvin's lament
The Dove's Question
Cross Traffic Will Not Stop
The Selfish Salmon

And here are some that seem too specialized to be bought by a journal, so why not?

Euler's Formula
Lost Level sonnets
Smart moat, sweet hollow
Worst sonnet
Haiku for Matt

Other options!
Maybe you want poetry relating to my time roleplaying on a MUCK about My Little Pony?
Or perhaps you want some dumb, older poems?
What about loquacious prose poems about things like math?
Yeah, got you covered.


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