A wave of oneness scoured the Earth
and hit the sea and bifurcated,
crept into the creatures’ minds
and showed them how they were related.
Each one learned what it was worth
and rushed to share its precious finds,
share the secrets of its birth
and have its dreams perpetuated.

The rising sun lit up the sky
and shone upon ten million lives.
It cried, “Why aren’t you in your homes,
your dens and burrows, nests and hives?”
The creatures turned and asked it “Why
read sacred scrolls and study tomes
if we are foreordained to die
and only open love survives?

A shoal of seagulls swept the shore
aglow with all they understood.
No longer would they fight for food
for sharing it was far more good.
They loved this wisdom, yearned for more
until a male, wise yet lewd
enlightened them; he built a store
and thrived by grabbing what he could.

The Life Search

There was a need, one April eve
and deep within it, light and joy.
It came this night and there impressed
itself upon their only boy
and straightaway he took to leave
and it knew he would never rest
for such a need is like a sieve
and quite a trial to enjoy.

There was a creature out that night,
a wanderer who liked to playat games of life, assuming roles
of predator and skittish prey.
And yet, he never chose to fight
for all he sought were living souls,
lost in flux of wrong and right
before the lifeforce went away.

This creature, Onodag by name
bespied the boy, and caught his need,
and so togther they sought out
a being of exotic creed,
and with a mindquake he became
and entity cast free of doubt
from where the dragons all are tame
and Gaea cackles when they bleed.